RailChat - Interact with Travellers

  • Its a place where a friend seeks another friend.
  • Its a chat to your heart.
  • Connecting the one's who are isolated.
  • Bridging the gap.
  • A place to share happiness.
  • Bringing smile to someone.
  • Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay with us !!

Why to Chat?

  1. Many of us want to do something to people and wish to bring smiles on to their faces. You can do with RailChat.
  2. Your few short messages can make someone feel like home
  3. Your cute jokes can bring smile on to hundreds and thousands. Yes, a single joke can.
  4. Share happiness and make others happy

What to Chat?

  1. seat exchange
  2. laptop/Mobile charger
  3. medicine
  4. books
  5. news updates
  6. find new friends
  7. business comunity
  8. exchange of ideas
  9. general topic discussion
  10. railway updates
  11. many more to bring happiness