Railway Interactive Security Solution for Traveler's Assistance

When to use

Any time you feel insecure in MMTS train or Station, please press HELP button to send EMERGENCY SMS to RPF.Ex- Female Feeling uncomfortable/insecure,Fighting inside the train,Stolen luggage etc.

RISSTA App Facilities

182 - for any security concern and talk to security staff.

WhatsApp for reporting any suspicious object, person images, video.

Help - for immediate security help while travelling in MMTS train.

How it works?
  • By pressing Help button, 1 SMS containing your traveling location and direction will be sent to RPF/Home guards of upcoming stations. Security staff of upcoming stations will come to your coach position in your category.
  • If your problem is not solved then after 8 minutes your location will update again or else if resolved, then you will be receiving a resolved SMS from us.
  • Providing category and coach position by you will be more helpful for security staff to reach you.
What's unique?
  • No need of internet or GPS to locate you
  • Provides your travelling direction also for quicker response.
System's flow

Step 1. Press Help button. Help button

  • Providing coach position will help the RPF to reach you.[Optional]
    coach position
Step 2. RPF Control receives your complain and details as follow.
  • Train No. and coach (In case the passenger feeds the details in the Mobile App)
  • Coach position
  • Train direction
  • Location of the train
  • Next station (approximate time of arrival)
  • Passenger name (If fed by the passenger)
  • Passenger phone number
Step 3. RPF Control alert your train and up comming station RPF.
Step 4. Station's RPF team and train's RPF person will rescue you.